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In today's world accessing information is easier than ever with the development of the internet. We have access to online dictionaries, encyclopedies, library catalogues, media organizations and many other sources of information. We can read our favourite columnists as we sip our coffee in the morning. Scientists can use the online catalogue of a library located at the other side of the world. We can also read the reports published by important think-tank organizations.

To what extent do we use these sources?

To what extent do we know our literature and our history?

What do we do in order to improve our general knowledge?

Do we make use of our time well?

How many books do we read on average a year?

How many foreign languages do we speak?

What kind of contributions have we made to science in our fields?

We should all be asking these questions to ourselves. The most important thing we have in our lives is our time. Nothing can bring back lost time. The value of books has decreased substantially due to the popularity of television programs, computer games and social media platforms. Involve yourself in the pursuit of knowledge by joining the Enlightenment Project. Out of thousands of books out there, it may be hard to find the book that's really worth reading. Enlightenment Project provides you an overview of prominent books recommended by numerous academicians that are worth to be read. Everyone is invited to join the Enlightenment Project. This project belongs to all of us and we should spread it as much as we can. Please let your friends know about the project and inform us about the books you want to be added to this project.


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